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What should you do if your Helena home alarm system goes off?

July 03, 2023
Home security alarm notification on smartphone.

Your home security system protects your home – and your family – against the many risks you might experience, like burglary, fire, and carbon monoxide leaks. Despite the fact that your home may be ready, that doesn’t necessarily mean you are. Do you know what to do if your Helena home alarm system goes off? The blasting of an alarm is often startling, disorienting, and may incite panic. Your best bet is to stay calm and abide by these simple tips.

Steps to Take Whenever Your Home Alarm System In Helena Sounds

It’s a scenario nobody wants to be in, but it’s also the reason why you ordered a home alarm system in the first place. You’re awakened from a deep sleep with the unmistakable blasting of an alarm after a home security component has been triggered. What are you going to do?

  1. Try not to panic. This is easy to say but harder to do when your home security alarm is ringing loudly, and your pulse is pounding. But keeping yourself calm is the best way to evaluate what is happening. Avoid the impulse of trying to handle the emergency alone but instead let your monitoring experts and first responders do their job.
  2. Take care of your family members. Your main focus should be your family and leading them to safety. If you are dealing with a break-in, this might mean moving to an appointed secure area as far from access points as possible. There’s a good chance that your alarm immediately scared off the trespasser, but it’s always wiser to be safe than sorry. If there’s fumes or a fire, you need to vacate your residence right away.
  3. Remember your phone. In this day and age, most individuals have their phones with them always, but you may forget to take it during an emergency. It’s a good thing to have. You’ll be able to stay connected with your monitoring specialists and obtain notifications through your home security app.

Collaborate With Your 24-hour Monitoring Specialists

Whenever your home alarm system in Helena goes off, your round-the-clock monitoring professionals will instantly act. Their first step is to verify your alarm, and that involves reaching out to you. The procedure they abide by is dependent on the kind of emergency. For example, if a medical emergency is triggered, one effort will be made to get in touch with you before help is sent out. If you have an intrusion - the most typical type of event - a monitoring professional will abide by these steps to get in touch with you:

  • An attempt will be made to communicate with you through the command hub. You will usually be requested to provide a passcode.
  • If that attempt isn’t successful, a call is made to your main contact number.
  • An alternate number or your primary contact person is called next.
  • If there still isn’t an answer, local police officers are deployed.
  • Your monitoring specialists will try to reach you again after the proper authorities are notified.

If you're not able to interact with monitoring agents, don't worry. Help will still be deployed even if you're unable to confirm the emergency.

Be prepared for any situation with a Vivint home alarm system in Helena

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